Team Europe: European Union and Inter-American Development Bank support Caribbean partner countries with €23 million

The EU’s Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have signed two agreements to support investments in primary health-care services in Jamaica and in sustainable energy in Barbados with a €23 million EU contribution. The first €10 million programme is part of the €38.5 billion Team Europe package mobilised by the EU, its Member States and EU financial institutions to support partner countries in tackling the COVID-19 crisis. It will help strengthen Jamaica’s primary health services network, serving over one million people. In line with the Green Deal’s call to invest in environmentally-friendly technologies, the EU’s CIF will contribute €13 million to the Smart Fund II, a programme that will enhance Barbados’ use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies across the board – in businesses, homes, schools and hospitals. The resulting energy and financial savings will boost the country’s economy and the planet’s sustainability. IDB is one of CIF’s main investment partners in the Caribbean. They jointly manage 10 projects in a range of areas, from sustainable energy and health, to water, sanitation and agriculture. To date, total investment reaches €417 million, with almost €91 million from CIF. More information is available online.