The Commission publishes recommendations for a common EU testing approach for COVID-19

Today, the Commission has published a set of recommendations for a common COVID-19 testing approach in Europe, as a follow-up initiative of the 15 July Communication on Short-Term EU Health Preparedness for COVID-19 Outbreaks. The recommendations set out concrete actions to support countries in the planning and organisation of their testing efforts during the different stages of the pandemic. The recommendations have been endorsed by the Health Security Committee, in view of streamlining national approaches and ensuring more coherent COVID-19 testing across the EU. Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides said: “Testing and contact tracing are essential aspects of an effective response to COVID-19 and for ensuring that the spread of the virus is kept to a minimum. In view of the upcoming influenza season, during which the number of people showing COVID-19 compatible symptoms is expected to increase, it is more important than ever that all Member States have effective and robust testing strategies in place. These recommendations will help Member States to improve early detection of infected persons and ensure a better overview of infection rates and transmission.” The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has also published a report on COVID-19 testing strategies and objectives today, available here.