The Week Ahead 20 – 26 November

European UnionEuropean Union

Plenary session Strasbourg

Key debate on Gaza. On Wednesday morning, MEPs will discuss with the Spanish Council Presidency and the European Commission the humanitarian situation in Gaza, the need for the release of hostages and for an immediate humanitarian truce leading to a ceasefire and the prospects for peace and security in the Middle East.

Packaging and packaging waste. Parliament will debate on Tuesday and vote on Wednesday on its position on new rules to make packaging easier to reuse and recycle, to reduce unnecessary packaging and waste, and to promote the use of recycled material. The rapporteur will hold a press conference after the vote.

Right to repair. Parliament will debate on Monday and vote on Tuesday on a proposal to strengthen the right to repair and to stimulate consumers to opt for repairing products instead of buying new ones. A press conference by the lead MEP is scheduled after the votes.

Pesticides. MEPs will debate on Tuesday and vote on Wednesday on their position on measures to ensure sustainable pesticides use and reduce the use and risk of all chemical pesticides by at least 50% by 2030.

CO2 emissions reduction. To improve air quality in the EU, MEPs will debate and vote on Tuesday on their position on legislation to strengthen EU CO2 emission standards for new buses, trucks and trailers.

“Net-Zero industry act”. Parliament will debate on Monday and vote on Tuesday on its position on plans to boost Europe’s Net-Zero technology production and strengthening the business case for decarbonisation in Europe. A press conference by the lead MEP is scheduled after the votes.

European elections. On Thursday, MEPs will vote on their proposals for the 6 – 9 June 2024 elections, including a mechanism to elect the Commission President, and ways to increase turnout and enhance democratic processes. The lead MEPs will hold a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

Future of the EU. MEPs will put forward their proposals to change the EU treaties in order to enhance the EU’s capacity to act and strengthen citizens’ voice (debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday).

“This is Europe”/Bulgarian Prime Minister. On Wednesday at 10.30, Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov will address MEPs to outline his views on the challenges facing Europe and its future. EP President Metsola and Prime Minister Denkov will have a bilateral meeting before his speech. A short press point is scheduled for 11.25.

President’s diary. On Tuesday, EP President Roberta Metsola will meet French Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, before inaugurating the Simone Veil building, as well as the President of Kenya, William Samoei Ruto, before he addresses plenary. On Wednesday, she will meet the Minister for European Affairs of Finland, Anders Adlercreutz.

Last-minute briefing. On Monday at 16.30, Parliament’s Spokesperson will hold a press briefing on the plenary session, which starts at 17.00. Political group briefings will take place on Tuesday morning.