The Russia-Ukraine grain deal is over. Who gains?

Russia has bombed grain stores in Ukraine and pulled out of a deal that had allowed safe passage of food exports through the Black Sea.Ukraine is a major exporter of grains, and the deal, brokered by the United…
Agrifood Brief

Young farmers and animal welfare label

This week, EURACTIV's agrifood team brings you to a young farmers' conference discussing sustainability in agriculture, where EURACTIV also spoke to EU's Green Deal chief Frans Timmermans. EURACTIV's Julia Dahm walks you through the potential…
Agrifood Brief
Agrifood Brief

Agrifood Podcast: Both sides of the import ban story

This week, EURACTIV’s Natasha Foote explores the fallout of the unilateral decision of frontline EU countries to ban agricultural imports from Ukraine with the help of Ukraine’s deputy agricultural minister, Markiyan Dmytrasevych, who explains the…