Cahill Dermot

Professor Dermot Cahill is Chair in Commercial Law, Dean of Bangor University and Research Director of the Institute for Competition and Procurement Studies. He is a graduate of the College of Europe, the Law Society and the National University of Ireland. He is widely consulted by Governments and major political parties interested in assessing procurement reform initiatives. Professor Cahill currently serves as a Member of the House of Commons Inquiry into E-Invoicing , at the invitation of the UK Conservative Party, and also has been invited by the Opposition UK Labour Party’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury to undertake a review of UK Government Procurement practices and policies. The Canadian Government has recently adopted the Bangor Tender Review Methodology in order to help Canadian SMEs to improve their tender success rates in Canada. The “Barriers to Procurement Opportunity Report”, coauthored by Professor Cahill in 2009, has been adopted as Government policy by the Welsh Government, heralding major changes to public procurement practices in Wales. Co-author of “European Law” (Oxford University Press, 5th ed.), Professor Cahill takes up appointment as Research Director of the Government Procurement Research Centre at China University of Politics & Law, Beijing, China’s largest Law Faculty, with effect from September 2014.