Episode 15: Can the G20 act on climate change?

The G20 – an international gathering of leaders from 19 major states and the European Union – has a significant role to play in coordinating global action on climate change. Accounting for around two-thirds of the world’s population and by some estimates 84% of global carbon emissions, agreeing on reforms within this forum could be a game-changer ahead of COP26. In July 2021, G20 ministerial meetings are taking place ahead of the leaders summit in October. To assess the prospects for progress on climate change at the G20, Ben is joined by Luca Bergamaschi, co-founder of ECCO, the Italian climate think tank. Read the Chatham House briefing: Credits: Speaker: Luca Bergamaschi Host: Ben Horton Editor: Jamie Reed Recorded and produced by Chatham House

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