Politicising the nature restoration law

This week on EURACTIV’s Beyond the Byline podcast looks into the hotly contested nature restoration law, recently passed by a narrow margin within the EU. Aligned with President Ursula von der Leyen’s ambitious European Green Deal, this legislation aims to…
Beyond the Byline

Kate Raworth and Sam Fankhauser: Is green growth the future?

For the latest issue of Prospect, we asked Sam Fankhauser, professor of climate change economics at the University of Oxford, and Kate Raworth, author of ‘Doughnut Economics’, how to build an economy that supports rather than damages nature…
Prospect Magazine

Episode 32: US and EU green industrial policy

The geoeconomics of climate change are shifting. The US and the EU are among those launching major packages to gain a competitive advantage as economies transition.  In this episode of the Climate Briefing, Antony speaks…
Chatham House

Will this year’s climate talks be a washout?

The UAE, host of this year’s UN climate conference, has pushed for a “global stocktake” of progress towards Paris targets, aimed at triggering fresh climate action. But it has also been criticised for its choice…
The Rachman Review

Can a global treaty stop plastic pollution?

Eirik Lindebjerg, Global Plastics Policy Lead at World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Willemijn Peeters, CEO & Founder of Searious business, a company that aims to prevent plastic pollution, join Natasha Foote  in conversation to discuss what has been done…
Agrifood Brief

Polish Commissioner, Parliament protests & getting ‘grounded’

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team talks you through the controversies at a recent meeting of EU agriculture ministers, including how the EU’s agriculture Commissioner is increasingly prioritising Polish issues, and discusses the pushback to the…
Agrifood Brief

The future of European politics

Mark Leonard welcomes the heads of ECFR’s national offices to discuss key players outside the traditional halls of European power, to discuss the upcoming EU Elections, power shifts in and outside of Europe, energy, and more.
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes

Assessing Europe’s strategy on critical raw materials

What role do critical raw materials play in the EU’s industrial policy? The Critical Raw Materials Act, proposed by the European Commission on the 16 March 2023, sets clear benchmarks for domestic capacities along the…

Das Auto debate — Activist Bill Browder on Russia’s political prisoners

We debate Germany's last-minute effort to derail EU plans to end the sale of combustion engines by 2035. And our special guest is author and activist Bill Browder, discussing how the EU can take a…
POLITICO's EU Confidential

EU’s sustainable packaging law under scrutiny

In this special episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, we take a look at the EU’s packaging regulation – the issues it seeks to address, and whether it has any chances of succeeding where…
Beyond the Byline

Europe’s gas outlook for 2023

Is Europe's Energy Crisis over? Europe has survived the energy crisis in the past year; however, it is time to look forward and prepare for winter 2023-24. In this episode of The Sound of Economics,…

Money Talks: The new power in the North Sea

For decades the North Sea's gales have created challenges for those extracting #Oil and #Gas, but the region's poor weather is also key to its future: Offshore wind.
The Economist