#Davos2023: We need to talk about #Davos.

What actually happened at Davos and what do the people left of the invite list need to know?
Al Jazeera

Croatia’s accession into the euro area

What are the implications of Croatia joining the euro area? For the first time in over ten years, the euro area has a new member. Croatia is the latest country to join the monetary union,…
The Sound of Economics

The FT heads to Davos

Demand for ‘buy now, pay later’ deals has surged among all age groups in the UK, US regulators are cracking down on a type of investment vehicle used by private equity groups, and we’ll chat…
FT News Briefing

What are the prospects for the world economy in 2023?

What are the prospects for the world economy in 2023? The Economist’s economics editor, Henrey Curr, and deputy business affairs editor, Rachana Shanbhogue, explain the dilemma facing central bankers around the world.
The Economist

Breaking Down the U.S. Midterm Elections: What’s Next for Policy, Markets and Economic Growth

As the voting continues from the U.S. midterm elections, the results so far indicate a status quo in country’s political divisions. But what does a divided Congress mean for policy, markets and economic growth? In…
Goldman Sachs

Japan’s post-Abe future, Europe’s currency problem

The assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is an end of an economic era. In this Viewsroom podcast, Breakingviews columnists debate how his party’s success could bring about big spending. Also, the euro’s decline…

Money Talks: The backlash against ESG

One of the hottest areas of investing in recent years has been ESG: using environmental, social, and governance metrics as ways to assess potential investments. But the idea that you can make profits with purpose…
The Economist

Euro and dollar parity: what does it mean? / Turmoil and scandal in French politics

In EURACTIV’s last episode of Beyond the Byline before the summer holidays, we are addressing the turmoil in French politics. With Emmanuel Macron struggling to set up a functioning government, we look at whether a…
Beyond the Byline

A decade of economic policy

Guntram Wolff looks back at the past decade of Bruegel contribution to economic policy in Europe. As his time as Bruegel Director comes to an end, Guntram Wolff sits down with Giuseppe Porcaro to discuss the highs, lows and…

ECB to raise interest rates for first time since 2011

US consumer prices are set to have registered another large monthly advance, the European Central Bank has paved the way for a series of rate rises, and China is offering coronavirus vaccine insurance in an…
FT News Briefing

The one about sanctions

Sanctions: how they work. Do they work? How citizens and business can help them work. The @EU_Finance podcast is created and hosted by the EU Commission’s Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital…
EU Finance Podcast

Can Russia’s economy survive?

Just two weeks after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine the conflict has already begun reshaping the world. The bombardment of Ukrainian cities has led to the deaths of thousands of civilians and forced millions to…
The Real Story