What the Dutch far-right win means for the EU

Voters in the Netherlands elect Geert Wilders; UK immigration numbers reach new high; Plus, senior Carlsberg executives are detained in Russia
FT News Briefing

VDL’s Western Balkan tour: Promises and warnings on EU enlargement

This week the Beyond the Byline podcast looks at Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s tour of the Western Balkans. The EU executive chief talked to leaders of Western Balkans countries to encourage their governments…

Pole position: elections in Poland

After two terms in power, Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s nationalist party looks to have lost its majority. For Donald Tusk’s pro-Europe centrists, it’s bargaining time. Thousands of Americans are waiting for transplants, so why are so many…
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Slovak general elections result: the EU’s DSA enforcement challenges ahead

Slovaks voted last Saturday on 30 September, but criticism abounded over the extensive abuse of political disinformation across online platforms – just as the Digital Services Act (DSA), the legislation tackling illegal content online, entered…

From Madrid: How Spain’s election could impact its EU presidency

This week's EU Confidential comes to you from Madrid as Spain takes over the six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union. Spain's stint in the rotating chair has been overshadowed by a national…
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Martin Wolf on saving democratic capitalism: resisting autocracy

In this third episode of Martin Wolf’s series, the renowned FT columnist and economist speaks to the journalist and historian Anne Applebaum, who has written extensively about the history of communism and the development of…
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Why is Europe becoming more conservative?

On this week’s episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, EURACTIV looks at the reasons behind the growing trust in conservative and right-wing parties by citizens across Europe and beyond. According to experts, there has…
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Greek elections: What to expect?

On this week’s episode of the Beyond the Byline podcast, EURACTIV looks at the upcoming parliamentary elections in Greece on Sunday (21 May). Analysts believe that it could be those who are eligible to vote for the first time…
Beyond the Byline

The future of European politics

Mark Leonard welcomes the heads of ECFR’s national offices to discuss key players outside the traditional halls of European power, to discuss the upcoming EU Elections, power shifts in and outside of Europe, energy, and more.
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes
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Agrifood podcast: What to watch in Strasbourg and Spanish water politics

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team talks you through the main things to keep an eye on in the European Parliament plenary session in Strasbourg, and EURACTIV’s Paula Andrés explores the water politics of the Spanish…
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Hard pact to follow: the Good Friday Agreement at 25

The famed power-sharing deal did its work of sharply reducing sectarian violence, but a quarter-century on it has led to depressingly dysfunctional politics.
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