Slovak general elections result: the EU’s DSA enforcement challenges ahead

Slovaks voted last Saturday on 30 September, but criticism abounded over the extensive abuse of political disinformation across online platforms – just as the Digital Services Act (DSA), the legislation tackling illegal content online, entered into force across the EU bloc.

With this in mind, David Wheeldon, Head of Public Policy in Europe for YouTube and Katarína Klingová, Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for Democracy & Resilience at the GLOBSEC Policy Institute are joining us to discuss their take on political disinformation in the Slovakian context and whether this is something we should fear at a broader EU level during next domestic and EU elections.

At the end of September, a report from the TrustLab, the organisation spearheading work with the European Commission on the topic of disinformation, stated that “Slovakia appeared to be more vulnerable to large-scale disinformation campaigns compared to other nations in Central Europe” and that “Facebook and YouTube were top platforms for messaging and social media in Slovakia.

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