Bundeskartellamt vs Meta: what now?

The European Court of Justice recently ruled on a high-profile case with far-reaching consequences for enforcement in the fields of competition and data protection. We have discussed the verdict’s implications with Cristina Caffarra, renowned competition expert, and Johnny Ryan, senior…

This simple framework can drive disruptive innovation: Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon

Qualcomm has long served as a tech pioneer, driving innovations in cellular connectivity, AI, autonomous driving and more. CEO Cristiano Amon shares how digitalization will further transform our lives -- from health and retail to…
The World Economic Forum

How Unilever Is Preparing for the Future of Work

July 04, 2023 Launched in 2016, Unilever’s Future of Work initiative aimed to accelerate the speed of change throughout the organization and prepare its workforce for a digitalized and highly automated era. But despite its…
Harvard Business Review

How to deal with cyber threat intelligence?

The EU has been working on reporting obligations for private actors on actively exploited vulnerabilities and cybersecurity incidents in several legislative files while trying to establish mechanisms for sharing cyber threat intelligence, extremely sensitive information. Luca…

Europe’s quest for a sovereign cloud

Putting European data outside the reach of foreign jurisdictions has been a recurring theme for EU policymakers, with some initiatives criticised for protectionism.  Luca Bertuzzi discusses what Europe’s strive for digital sovereignty means for the cloud…

Why the jobs market could brush off AI threat

Hiring seems to be waning in the US and Europe. Yet in this Exchange podcast, recruitment boss Sander van ’t Noordende strikes a hopeful note. The Randstad CEO explains why artificial intelligence and a possible…

The state of the AI landscape

The discussions around AI and its impact on society have accelerated following the release of ChatGPT. But what is really new about these AI models? What are the societal problems they could lead to and…

US-China tech bifurcation

The tech sector has become a key player in the interconnection between economics and geopolitics. It is an essential industry that plays a critical role in shaping national security, supply chains and the consumer side…

The first five years of the GDPR

Andrea Jelinek has been the first Chair of the European Data Protection Board since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation came to life. We discussed with her the first five years of GDPR enforcement, the…
The Tech Brief

China’s quest for AI supremacy

'the world's premier Artificial Intelligence Innovation centre' is now a national priority, with George Miller
Le Monde Diplomatique English Edition

What’s changing for platform workers in the EU?

Evi Kiorri and Theo Bourgery-Gonse look at the #PlatformWorkDirective proposed by the Commission and discuss what are platform workers? Are they independent or fully employed? What does the platform work directive entail?

The computing power behind AI

Behind great Artificial Intelligence, there is great computing power. Computing capacity is a much under-discussed aspect of the AI race, on which Luca Bertuzzi tries to shed some light with Vili Lehdonvirta, professor at the…