The geopolitics of cybersecurity

Are both, the EU and Japan ready for the challenges ahead of a digital 21st century? In many respects, there are points of contact between Asia and Europe. Parts, components, but also software from Asia play a major role in the expansion of digital state and private structures. The more physical products and digital services merge, the more important it is to address the challenges involved. What is certain is, that the ongoing digitization of our economies and societies is increasingly politicizing the debate about the role of technology and cybersecurity.
In light of the new Biden administration, there is great potential for cooperation between two of the US closest allies in order to tackle cybersecurity challenges posed by geopolitical shifts. Closer cooperation on these issues can leverage and define the cooperation between the EU, Japan and the US in the coming years. This week host Dr Janka Oertel invited ECFR’s Visiting Fellow for Japan, Dr Elli-Katharina Pohlkamp, as well as Bonji Ohara from the International Peace and Security Department at the Sasakawa Peace Foundation to talk about the opportunities and challenges of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and emerging technologies.

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