Ayala-Sender Inés

Inés Ayala Sender is a Spanish Member of the European Parliament for the S&D, a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism, as well as the Committee on Budgetary Control. In this last capacity, she is the Spokesperson for the S&D Group. Inés Ayala Sender has, so far, served three terms in the European Parliament. Her work in the area of transport and mobility has mainly focused on road safety, rights of passengers, transport infrastructure and financing. During her current mandate, she has been rapporteur for several transport-related issues, while she is currently responsible for the S&D Group on the negotiations on the Connecting Europe Facility 2021-2027. In addition, she follows very closely the work on Mobility Package I and Mobility Package II, since she is the rapporteur on the file of Posting of Drivers for the group S&D.