Ridolfi Roberto

Roberto Ridolfi is Director for Sustainable Growth and Development at DG DEVCO, European Commission. Twice Ambassador/ Head of delegation to the European Union, Mr Ridolfi was first in Suva where he served from 2005 to 2007. There he was in charge of all the relations of the European Union with 15 countries and territories as well as with the Pacific Forum. Later, in 2011 he was appointed in Uganda by HRVP C. Ashton where he served till September. In between, during his duty as Head of Unit of Europe Aid F3, he managed programmes dealing with Environment, Food security, migration and asylum as well as the One-Billion-Euro Food Facility in 50 countries. Mr Ridolfi joined the European Commission in 1994 and took up duty in the European Delegation to Malawi as infrastructure and development advisor dealing with infrastructure, transport and health.