Macron, the EU’s prince, is seeking Merkel’s crown

Emmanuel Macron is “waiting in the wings for his turn in the spotlight” in the European Union as Angela Merkel prepares to step down as German chancellor. That is according to James Crisp, The Telegraph’s Europe Editor, in this video analysis on the future of the EU post-Merkel. “Angela Merkel was the queen of Europe,” he said. “But now, as she prepares to step down after 16 years leaving the EU and Germany, a prince is standing, waiting in the wings, ready for his turn in the spotlight. “It is none other than Emmanuel Macron.” He said Ms Merkel’s departure means the balance of power is going to change in Brussels. “This is the moment for Emmanuel Macron, who himself has been a junior partner to Angela Merkel, to reassert French authority in Brussels to reassert its position at the top table.”