Agriculture and Fisheries Council of 23 January 2024

Indicative programme

All times are approximate and subject to change

David Clarinval, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the Self-Employed, SMEs and Agriculture, Institutional Reforms and Democratic Renewal

From 08.30
Arrivals and doorsteps (live streaming)

Doorstep by Minister Clarinval (live streaming)

Beginning of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting

Adoption of the agenda
Approval of ‘A’ items

Non-legislative list
Legislative activities (+/- 10.10 public session)
+/- 10.15
Presidency work programme (public session)

+/- 10.35
Any other business:
– sanctions on Russian-imported agricultural products
– autonomous trade measures (ATMs regulation)

+/- 12.20
Any other business:
– implementation of the area monitoring system (public session)

+/- 14.30
Strategic dialogue (public session)

+/- 16.05
Forest monitoring (public session)

+/- 17.35
Any other business:
– habitats directive and large carnivore populations (+/- 17.35 public session)
– water resilience initiative (+/- 18.05 public session)
– RENURE fertilisers (+/- 18.35 public session)
– the CAP’s role in safeguarding high-quality food production (+/- 19.10 public session)

At the end of the meeting (+/- 19.50) – press conference in live streaming.

Arrangements for the press conference
The press conference will take place in a hybrid format: EU accredited journalists will be able to participate and ask questions either remotely or in person at the Justus Lipsius building press room.

To attend the event remotely, please use this link to register and have the possibility to ask questions.

Those who already registered for the previous press events of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council do not need to do it again.

Deadline for registration: Tuesday, 23 January 2024 at 18.30
Further instructions will be sent to all registered participants shortly after the deadline.