Bratislava Declaration and Roadmap

On Friday, 16 September, European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, took part in the informal meeting of the EU 27 Heads of State or Government. The meeting agreed the Bratislava Declaration and Road Map, which set out clear priorities for action over the next 12 months. Speaking alongside Slovak Prime Minister, Robert Fico, and European Council President, Donald Tusk, following the meeting, President Juncker welcomed the firm backing that EU leaders have given to the new initiatives he announced in this week’s State of the Union speech. In particular, President Juncker highlighted the unanimous support for the new package of measures promoting the EU’s Digital Single Market, which the Commission adopted on the same day as the State of the Union. These measures would contribute to Europe’s “modernisation, economic growth and creation of new jobs”, said the President. EU leaders also endorsed the Commission’s proposals to expand the Investment Plan for Europe, which has already mobilised €116 billion of new investment in its first year.