Conference on the Future of Europe: European Citizens’ Panel session on 24-26 September

Media are invited to the sessions of the European Citizens’ Panels, which continue with the second 200-citizen meeting set to take place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

This media advisory provides information on the arrangements relating to the first meeting of the second European Citizens’ Panel, including how to follow and cover it.

The second European Citizens’ Panel will focus on European democracy/values, rights, the rule of law, and security. Citizens will be welcomed by the Slovenian Secretary of State for EU Affairs and Co-Chair of the Conference’s Executive Board, Gašper Dovžan.

When: Friday 24 September 2021 (14.00, CEST) to Sunday 26 September 2021 (14.00, CEST).

Where: European Parliament in Strasbourg


The European Citizens’ Panels are a central feature of the Conference organised by the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission based on their Joint Declaration. The Panels’ deliberations are based on citizens’ contributions collected from across Europe on the Multilingual Digital Platform, as well as support and presentations from prominent academics. Find out more about how the Panels work and what they will deliver in our recent press release.

The first European Citizens’ Panel meeting took place from 17 to 19 September at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where 200 citizens from across the Member States (a third of them younger than 25) debated topics related to a stronger economy, social justice, jobs / education, youth, culture, sport / digital transformation. Free audiovisual material is available on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre.

On Monday 20 September, the Executive Board of the Conference welcomed the promising start of the landmark Panel session that was held the preceding weekend. At the same meeting, the Executive Board also took stock of the findings of the first interim report from the Multilingual Digital Platform (which takes into account nearly 20,000 contributions registered between May and August 2021), and discussed the working methods and procedures related to the Conference Plenary.

Download an infographic on the Conference’s timeline and the Commission’s Factsheet, or read about the practical modalities of the Panels and download the provisional calendar of the Conference.