Conference on the Future of Europe: Third European Citizens’ Panel to focus on climate change, environment and health

After two fruitful European Citizens’ Panels under the auspices of the Conference on the Future of Europe, some 200 citizens – a third of whom are under 25 years – will once again gather in Strasbourg this weekend, from 1-3 October. Together, they will, this time, debate climate change, environment and health. Discussions are expected to focus on the related EU objectives and strategies for agriculture, transport and mobility, energy and the transition to post-carbon societies, research, healthcare systems, responses to health crises, prevention and healthy lifestyles. European Citizens’ Panels are a key feature of the Conference, co-organised by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. The Panels offer Europeans a central role in shaping the future of the EU, and giving them a unique opportunity to debate the challenges facing Europe, and its priorities. Panel deliberations take into account the contributions collected from across Europe on the Multilingual Digital Platform, supported by prominent academics and external experts. For more information on how to follow this weekend’s Panel, see hereThe first European Citizens’ Panel took place from 17-19 September in Strasbourg, followed by a second on 24-26 September. At each meeting, 200 citizens from across the Member States debated topics within their respective Panel’s remit: a stronger economy, social justice, jobs/ education, youth, culture, sport/ digital transformation for the first one, and European democracy/ values, rights, the rule of law, and security for the second. 20 citizens from among the panellists will represent each Panel in the Plenary. More information on the European Citizens’ Panels in general here. An off-the-record Technical briefing for accredited journalists will take place today at 13:00.