Five new Directors-General and five new Deputy Directors-General for the Juncker Commission

Today the European Commission decided on a number of appointments concerning its top management level. Appointing the best people to the right positions will help the Juncker Commission deliver strongly in 2018/2019 and beyond. Today’s senior management decisions concern key strategic areas of the Juncker Commission’s work, ranging from climate action, research, education, youth and culture via social affairs and employment to the Commission’s Secretariat-General and the President’s Cabinet. Today’s appointments will significantly boost the number of women in the position of Directors-General and Deputy Directors-General from just 11% in November 2014 to 36% now. This is the result of President Juncker’s commitment to reach a target of 40% by 31 October 2019. Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger in charge of Budget and Human Resources said: “By appointing the best people to the right positions, we are determined to use the current window of opportunity and deliver on our political agenda. We are building on the experience of our senior managers, making sure they continue to serve the interest of this institution. I will continue to place a strong emphasis on achieving President Juncker’s target of at least 40% of women in the Commission’s management.” A full press release is available online.