Full transcript of the G7 press conference of President Juncker [Check Against Delivery]

Ladies and Gentlemen, since we are in Germany, in Bavaria in fact, and since Bavaria is a place I particularly like to be, I would like to speak German at this press conference. Not in Bavarian, as I don’t dare to attempt such an elegant language. This meeting is being held in Bavaria in a very pleasant if somewhat expensive setting. The G7 summit, which brings together the European Union and many others, is something that is necessary but I must stress here that the G7 countries and the European Union are not the rulers of the world. There are others who are not rulers either. The reason we are here is because we bear responsibility in this world, not because we know better than everyone else. Others have their own knowledge, their own sensitivities, their own views and I listen very carefully to what others have to say, at meetings that may be far away. This is also something to be taken on board. read the full speech here