Future of Europe: Citizens’ recommendations on a stronger economy, social justice and jobs, education, culture, youth, sport and digital transformation

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On 25-27 February, some 200 citizens from all Member States, of different ages and diverse backgrounds, will finalise their recommendations for Europe’s future at the European Citizens’ Panel on ‘A stronger economy, social justice and jobs/ Education, culture, youth and sport / Digital transformation’. The Panels’ five work streams are: Working in Europe, An Economy for the Future, A Just Society, Learning in Europe, and An Ethical and Safe Digital Transformation. The adopted recommendations will be presented by citizens from the Panel and discussed at the Conference Plenary meeting of 11-12 March 2022 in Strasbourg, France. This third session of the Panel is hosted by the Institute of International and European Affairs in Dublin, Ireland, in full respect of applicable health measures, with participants unable to travel connecting remotely. An off-the-record technical briefing for press will be held on Tuesday 22 February at 10:00am, while media representatives wishing to attend the panel in Dublin can register here. The opening and closing Panel sessions will be livestreamed on the Conference’s multilingual digital platform. The citizens of this Panel previously met in Strasbourg on 17-19 September and online on 5-7 November. The Conference on the Future of Europe has brought together four such European Citizens’ Panels. From these, 80 representatives – of which at least one-third is aged 16-25 years – participate in the Plenaries, presenting the outcomes of their respective panel discussions. The European Citizens’ Panel on ‘European democracy/ Values and rights, rule of law, security’ adopted its recommendations in Florence in December 2021, while the Panel on Climate change, environment/ Health concluded its work in Warsaw in January 2022. Recommendations from these two panels were presented and debated at the Conference’s Plenary on 21-22 January 2022. The Panel on EU in the world/ Migrationtook place in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in the first half of February, and will also feed into the first March Plenary session.