International Justice: Commission welcomes Council agreement on EU’s accession to the Hague Judgments Convention

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached by the Council on the proposal for EU’s accession to the Hague Judgments Convention, an international treaty that facilitates the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil or commercial matters. Didier Reynders, Commissioner for Justice, said: “I warmly welcome the political agreement reached by Member States. The EU accession to the Hague Judgments Convention will bring legal certainty and save citizens and companies time and money. It will boost international trade and investment and ultimately contribute to a stronger economic recovery.” Currently, EU citizens and businesses that want a national judgment to be recognised and enforced in a non-EU country face numerous legal issues. This legal uncertainty as well as the associated costs discourage EU businesses and citizens from pursuing claims or engaging in international dealings altogether. The Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil or Commercial Matters, adopted in July 2019, offers a comprehensive legal framework on the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments. Joining the Convention will ensure that rulings in favour of EU businesses and citizens by a court in the EU are enforced in countries outside the EU, if they are parties to the Convention. It also means that rulings affecting EU businesses and citizens that are made by courts outside the EU can be enforced in the EU, to the extent that they comply with the fundamental principles of our laws. Following the political agreement, the European Parliament will need to give its consent before the formal adoption by the Council. More information on the International Cooperation on Civil Justice is available here.