Opening of November I plenary session: debates on Chile, EU steel industry added

President Sassoli opened the plenary session in Brussels.

Changes to the agenda


The debate on Children’s Rights is moved up, as the first item.

The debate on the “Situation in Bolivia” will be wound up with a resolution, to be voted on in November II.

A debate on the “Situation in Chile” has been added, as the fourth item after the debate on the situation in Bolivia.

A Commission statement on the “EU steel sector: how to protect domestic workers and productive chain?” has been added, as the second item after the debate on children’s rights.


The Objection regarding genetically modified oilseed rape T45 is taken out of the votes.

The Legal Affairs Committee has adopted an immunity report on José Manuel Fernandes (EPP, PT) by Ibán García del Blanco (S&D, ES)which will be added to the votes.

Requests by committees to start negotiations with Council and Commission

Decisions by several committees to enter into inter-institutional negotiations (Rule 69c) are published on the plenary website.

If no request for a vote in Parliament on the decision to enter into negotiations is made by midnight on Thurssday, the committees may start negotiations.