President Juncker at the European Policy Centre Thought Leadership Forum

Last night, President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, held a speech at the European Policy Centre Thought Leadership Forum in Brussels. Describing it as “the honour of his life” to have served Europe, President Juncker told participants: “These were five years to get Europe back on track. From the economy to our place in the world and via every crisis along the way. We had to prove our worth to people or we would have lost our citizens forever.” With this speech, President Juncker touched upon many different aspects and recurring topics of his Presidency, sharing anecdotes and insights on – amongst others –migration, the European economy, social rights and employment, Brexit and international relations. He said: “Everything that Europe is today began as an idea. Born during the Second World War and born after the Second World War. We know that it is by debating that we test our thoughts and dare our dreams.” You can read the full speech here.