Spring 2018 Standard Eurobarometer: One year ahead of the European elections, trust in the Union and optimism about the future is growing

According to the latest Standard Eurobarometer released today, a majority of Europeans think the situation of the economy is good and are optimistic about the future. For the first time since spring 2007, positive opinions on the situation of the national economy outweigh negative opinions.

While perceptions between Member States vary, positive economic sentiment has increased in 18 Member States since autumn 2017. Trust in the Union is also on the rise and at its highest level since autumn 2010. The latest Eurobarometer shows that 40% of Europeans have a positive image of the EU against 37% who are neutral and only 21% with a negative one. Trust in the EU remains higher than trust in national governments or parliaments. “Free movement of people, goods and services within the EU” and “Peace among EU Member States” are perceived as the two most positive results of the EU. Support for the Economic and Monetary Union is at its highest level too and two thirds of Europeans advocate a strong EU when it comes to trade. Finally, 70% of Europeans feel they are citizens of the EU and the proportion of Europeans thinking that their voice counts has reached its highest level since 2004. A majority of Europeans are optimistic about the future of the EU and there is strong support for the priorities that the Commission has set itself. On this background, migration and terrorism are Europeans’ top concerns. A press release is available online.