The Week Ahead 03 – 09 October 2022

©European Union, 2021, Source: EP – Multimedia Centre©European Union, 2021, Source: EP – Multimedia Centre

Plenary session and committee meetings, Strasbourg


Russia’s escalation of its war against Ukraine. 
The drafting of Russian reservists, sham referendums in occupied parts of Ukraine, Putin’s nuclear threats and several unexplained ruptures in the Nordstream pipelines will be the focus of a debate on Wednesday. MEPs are expected to call for a strong response from the EU and member states to Russia’s escalation and its preparations to annex Ukrainian territories. (vote Thursday)

Soaring energy prices. 
Parliament will adopt a resolution on the European Commission proposals to ease the pressure of rapidly rising energy prices on European households and businesses. (Wednesday)

Common charger. 
Parliament is set to approve the new law ensuring that, as of end of 2024, all new mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones devices will be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port. This will reduce electronic waste and make consumers’ lives easier. A press conference by the rapporteur is scheduled for 14.30 on Tuesday. (debate and vote Tuesday)

Suspension of EU funds for Hungary. 
MEPs will debate the Commission’s proposal to freeze funds for Hungary to protect the EU budget over rule of law concerns in the country. (Tuesdsay)

Protests in Iran. 
On Tuesday, MEPs and EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell will discuss the countrywide protests against the Islamic regime in Iran, triggered by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini at the hands of Iran’s morality police who assaulted her for, they claimed, incorrectly wearing her hijab. (vote Thursday)

Health Union. 
MEPs are expected to endorse provisional agreements to strengthen the EU’s capacity to prevent and control communicable diseases and to tackle cross-border health threats more efficiently. The vote will finalise the first Health Union package, building on the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. (debate Monday, vote Tuesday)


“Fit for 55″/Alternative refuelling stations
. The Transport Committee will vote on new rules to spur the deployment of recharging and alternative refuelling stations for cars, trucks, trains and planes. Draft targets include deploying recharging stations each 60 km on main EU roads by 2026, and hydrogen stations each 100 km by 2028. The committee will also vote on sustainable maritime fuels rules that aim to cut ships’ emissions (Monday).

Climate change/COP27
. MEPs in the Environment Committee will adopt a resolution on the EU’s position for the next UN climate change conferenceCOP27, taking place in Egypt in November (Monday).

President’s Diary
. On Wednesday, EP President Metsola will meet with the Presidents of the National Council and the Council of States of Switzerland, Irène Kälin and Thomas Hefti. On Friday, she will be in Prague for the informal meeting of heads of state or government.

Last-minute briefing
. On Monday at 16.30, Parliament’s Spokesperson will hold a press briefing on the plenary session, which starts at 17:00. Political group briefings will take place on Tuesday morning.