The Week Ahead 12 – 18 March 2018

EU long-term budget. The next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) must match the EU’s ambitions, boost research programmes and support young people and small companies, say MEPs in their draft negotiating position for the EU’s post-2020 budget, up for a debate on Tuesday and a vote on Wednesday (followed by a press conference at 14.00). The EU should continue to support farming and regional policies, but also finance new priorities such as security, defence or migration and make up for any shortfall following the UK’s departure.

Brexit. A resolution laying out the EP’s position on a possible framework for EU-UK future relations will be debated on Tuesday and put to a vote on Wednesday. The draft resolution suggests that an association agreement could provide an appropriate framework for the future relationship and stresses that even closely aligned third countries with identical legislation cannot enjoy similar benefits or market access to those of EU member states.

US tariffs on steel and aluminium. Additional US duties on imported steel and aluminium and the EU’s response to protect jobs and its industry will be debated with EU trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström on Wednesday.

Ján Kuciak/Safety of journalists. Following the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, press freedom and the safety of journalists in the EU will be debated on Wednesday. MEPs will also discuss Mr Kuciak’s revelations about alleged misuse of EU funds in Slovakia and potential links between organised crime groups and Slovak politicians.

Future of Europe debate with Portuguese PM António Costa. Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa will debate the future of Europe with MEPs on Wednesday morning. This is the third in a series of debates between EU government leaders and MEPs reflecting on the future of the EU. A press point by EP President Antonio Tajani and Prime Minister Costa is scheduled for 12.30.

Corporate taxation. In a bid to prevent companies from moving their tax base to low-tax jurisdictions, MEPs will vote on Thursday on a major overhaul of the EU’s corporate tax system. The proposals include plans to ensure that companies pay taxes where they make their profits, introduce a single set of tax rules which would apply throughout the EU and use of digital data to help calculate tax liabilities. A press conference is scheduled for Wednesday 09.30.

Cross-border parcel delivery prices. Consumers and companies will be able to compare the prices of having a parcel delivered to or from another EU country, under draft rules to be put to the vote on Tuesday. Cross-border parcel delivery prices would be published on a dedicated website so that they can be compared more easily and thus help reduce unreasonable differences.

President’s Diary. On Wednesday morning, President Tajani will have a bilateral meeting with Portugal’s Prime Minister António Costa.

Pre-session press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing at 16.30 on Monday. (Daphne Caruana Galizia Press conference room, Strasbourg).

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