Vice-President Jourová to host signing ceremony of the Code of Conduct for the 2024 European Parliament Elections

Tomorrow, Vice-President Jourová will host a signing ceremony of the Code of Conduct for the 2024 European Parliament Elections. With their signature, European political parties will commit to upholding ethical and fair campaign practices. Against the backdrop of growing concerns about protecting the integrity of elections in Europe from internal and external threats this commitment by political parties carris great importance.

Vice-President Jourová, who promoted the initiative, said: “This agreement will help to build trust with voters and increase their confidence in the electoral process. Elections should set the stage for the competition of ideas, not dirty manipulative methods such as AI deepfakes. I congratulate the parties on their decision to go an extra-mile in their commitment to fair campaigning.”

The Code of Conduct will serve as a comprehensive checklist for political parties, candidates, media, and citizens to monitor ethical behaviour throughout the election campaign. A recording of the signing ceremony will be available here and there will be an opportunity to take photographs. A press release will be published with further information following the ceremony.