Episode 11: The Future of Africa-EU Relations

This episode of Africa Aware examines the status of Africa-EU relations in the lead-up to the sixth African Union-European Union summit on 17-18 February 2022. Yusuf is joined by Faten Aggad to investigate the prospects…
Chatham House

The Sahel Strategy

Stefan talks with European Union Special Representative for the Sahel Emanuela Del Re about the EU’s Sahel strategy and the challenges facing the region.
EU Now

What’s going wrong in the Balkans?

It’s been more than two decades since the war in Bosnia ended. It remains one of the darkest chapters in modern European history and cost over 100,000 lives. Since the Dayton Agreement was reached in…
The Real Story

Who pays to fix climate change?

"The UN Climate Conference in Glasgow is being described as a make-or-break moment for humanity. The purpose of the gathering is to implement the 2015 Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming to 1.5…
The Real Story

Could conflict return to the Balkans?

The peace deal that ended the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina 25 years ago is in danger of unravelling. Bosnian Serb leader, Milorad Dodik, is threatening to pull out of state-level institutions, raising fears that the unity…