Which way forward for algorithmic management in the Platform Work Directive?

Nov 8th, 2216:00 Speakers: Muellensiefen Tobias, Hania Simon, Torvelainen Robert, Kilhoffer Zachary
Moderator : Théo Bourgery-Gonse

Special Event – Is the EU ready to engage with the current and future challenges of a fast-changing geopolitical environment?

Oct 25th, 2217:00 Speakers: Dennison Susi, Van Schaik Louise, Corbeau Anne-Sophie, Meyer Josefin, Youngs Richard
Moderator : Kanter James

Should large digital content platforms pay for the usage of networks?

May 31st, 2217:00 Speakers: Wezenbeek Rita, Fernandez Ramon, Volmer Thomas, Cote-Colisson Nicolas
Moderator : Newman Matthew

[DE] Revision of the Vertical Block Exemption Regulation (VBER): A game changer for digital commerce and the future of retail?

Feb 2nd, 2216:00 Speakers: Stempel Christian, Holzwarth Johannes, Schroll Gregor, Mulyk Alien
Moderator : Kallmayer Axel

Digital Markets Act Trilogue Negotiations: Protecting the consumer interest

Dec 15th, 2117:00 Speakers: Zuber Lea, Gawer Annabelle, Shier Gareth, Hazemi-Jebelli Kayvan
Moderator : Crofts Lewis

Can Europe combine flexibility, sustainability and innovation when regulating the platform economy?

Dec 6th, 2117:00 Speakers: Kanev Radan, Voet Ludovic, Laurinkari Samuel, Bart Menno
Moderator : Burns Chris

The Digital Decade and the Telecom sector value creation

Sep 28th, 2116:00 Speakers: Renda Andrea, Kaili Eva, Whelan Anthony, Bonefeld-Dahl Cecilia, Cristini Nawar, Fernandez Ramon
Moderator : Newman Matthew

Smart and sustainable: How can Digital help the green transition?

Jul 12th, 2117:00 Speakers: Klesper Birgit, Gigler Björn-Sören, Berrutto Vincent, Fuhr Lise, Neves Luis, Ferber Markus, Barteková Eva
Moderator : Ingenrieth Anja

Pesticides Residues: How to ensure EU agri-food competitiveness?

Jun 2nd, 2117:00 Speakers: Bitterhof Almut, Gordon Laity Eileen, Boulova Anna, del Mar Fernández Poza María, Ojepat Okisegere, Knotek Ondrej
Moderator : Michalopoulos Sarantis

5G for Businesses: Evolution or Revolution?

Mar 16th, 2114:15 Speakers: Guldentops Frank, Mine Hilary, Trabbia Michaël, Shamim Mikael, O’Donohue Pearse, Viola Roberto, Solis-Perez Susana
Moderator : Newman Matthew