Smart and sustainable: How can Digital help the green transition?

Jul 12th, 2117:00 Speakers: Klesper Birgit, Gigler Björn-Sören, Berrutto Vincent, Fuhr Lise, Neves Luis, Ferber Markus, Barteková Eva
Moderator : Ingenrieth Anja

Pesticides Residues: How to ensure EU agri-food competitiveness?

Jun 2nd, 2117:00 Speakers: Bitterhof Almut, Gordon Laity Eileen, Boulova Anna, del Mar Fernández Poza María, Ojepat Okisegere, Knotek Ondrej
Moderator : Michalopoulos Sarantis

5G for Businesses: Evolution or Revolution?

Mar 16th, 2114:15 Speakers: Guldentops Frank, Mine Hilary, Trabbia Michaël, Shamim Mikael, O’Donohue Pearse, Viola Roberto, Solis-Perez Susana
Moderator : Newman Matthew

Digital Markets Act: How to preserve innovation and competition in the EU digital economy?

Jan 25th, 2117:00 Speakers: Clune Deirdre, Snoep Martijn, Petit Nicolas, Hazemi-Jebelli Kayvan, Saliba Alex Agius
Moderator : White Aoife

Digital Farming: How can the EU turn ambitions into a reality?

Nov 10th, 2018:00 Speakers: Sauze-Vandevyver Nathalie, Bogovič Franc, Pacheco Joao, Pesonen Pekka, Pereira Daniel
Moderator : Michalopoulos Sarantis

Opening the gate: Why and how to regulate large platforms acting as gatekeepers?

Nov 10th, 2015:00 Speakers: Stengg Werner, Yon-Courtin Stéphanie, Dehm Robert, Maske Carel, Lakhoua Fadhel
Moderator : Defraigne Philippe

Partnering for emissions-free mobility in Europe

Oct 14th, 2018:00 Speakers: Hololei Henrik, Baldwin Matthew, Gippner Olivia, Kubba Joanne, Poliscanova Julia
Moderator : Vancluysen Karen

Special Event – Open source and an open world: What are the EU prospects on global multilateral governance after the coronavirus pandemic?

Oct 13th, 2018:00 Speakers: Rodríguez Ramos Maria Soraya, Renda Andrea, Purdy Andy, Llewellyn Henry, Castaldo Fabio Massimo
Moderator : Baker Jennifer

The EU-China dialogue on cybersecurity and global tech governance: What perspectives ahead?

Sep 9th, 2018:00 Speakers: Spyraki Maria, Rickli Jean-Marc, Yi Shen, Preneel Bart
Moderator : Pastorella Giulia

Forest protection, biodiversity and artificial intelligence: what challenges ahead?

Jun 24th, 2018:00 Speakers: D’Eugenio Joachim, Lucas Thierry, White Topher, Neves Luis, Borkowski Piotr, Dedopoulou Angeliki
Moderator : Keating Dave