Opening the gate: Why and how to regulate large platforms acting as gatekeepers?

Nov 10th, 2015:00 Speakers: Stengg Werner, Yon-Courtin Stéphanie, Dehm Robert, Maske Carel, Lakhoua Fadhel
Moderator : Defraigne Philippe

Partnering for emissions-free mobility in Europe

Oct 14th, 2018:00 Speakers: Hololei Henrik, Baldwin Matthew, Gippner Olivia, Kubba Joanne, Poliscanova Julia
Moderator : Vancluysen Karen

Special Event – Open source and an open world: What are the EU prospects on global multilateral governance after the coronavirus pandemic?

Oct 13th, 2018:00 Speakers: Rodríguez Ramos Maria Soraya, Renda Andrea, Purdy Andy, Llewellyn Henry, Castaldo Fabio Massimo
Moderator : Baker Jennifer

The EU-China dialogue on cybersecurity and global tech governance: What perspectives ahead?

Sep 9th, 2018:00 Speakers: Spyraki Maria, Rickli Jean-Marc, Yi Shen, Preneel Bart
Moderator : Pastorella Giulia

Forest protection, biodiversity and artificial intelligence: what challenges ahead?

Jun 24th, 2018:00 Speakers: D’Eugenio Joachim, Lucas Thierry, White Topher, Neves Luis, Borkowski Piotr, Dedopoulou Angeliki
Moderator : Keating Dave

How could Europe create jobs during the COVID recovery through the transformation of work?

Jun 10th, 2018:00 Speakers: Kasel Antoine, Toom Yana, Keese Mark, Bart Menno, Kröpfl Stefan, Corbould-Warren Russell
Moderator : Shields Laura

AI in Farming: making the “Farm to Fork” agenda a global standard for sustainability?

Jun 2nd, 2018:00 Speakers: Kaili Eva, Heikkilä Juha, Schilthuis Gijs, Neves Luis, Meszaros David, Petrić Jakša, Liu Abraham
Moderator : Keating Dave

Is a global consensus on non-personal data governance possible?

May 5th, 2018:00 Speakers: Cainzos Alejandro, Kiener Christophe, Stylianou Helen, Lopez-Gonzalez Javier, MacDougall Robert, Rogers Kevin
Moderator : Newman Matthew

Building synergies and optimising cooperation: how far can the EU cyber capacity go?

Apr 29th, 2018:00 Speakers: Tafra Tamara, Gonzalez-Sancho Miguel, Andresen Rasmus, Rebuffi Luigi
Moderator : Gladicheva Vesela

Special event – How to make Europe’s energy transition a reality with the help of smart technologies

Feb 19th, 2018:30 Speakers: Carvalho Maria, Gamon Claudia, Niinistö Ville, Vertmann Thor-Sten, Krevzelj Zeljko, Van Stiphout Mark, Brunner Dieter
Moderator : Strabbing Willem