Special Event – Trade and the European elections: what is at stake?

Speakers: Rizza Piero, Pondelek Ursa, Cepova-Fourtoy Andrea, Köhler Martin, Adam Ulrich
Moderator: Carnell Poppy

We are most pleased to invite you to participate in an evening of discussion on how the main political groups will address the question of trade throughout their campaigns with our distinguished speakers:

  • Mr Piero Rizza, Policy Advisor, EPP Group;
  • Mr Francesco Ronchi, Policy Advisor, S&D Group;
  • Ms Ursa Pondelek, Policy Advisor, ALDE Group;
  • Ms Andrea Cepova-Fourtoy, Head of Unit, ECR Group;
  • Mr Martin Köhler, Policy Advisor, Greens/EFA Group.

The event will be moderated by Poppy Carnell, Chief Correspondent, Trade, MLex.

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About the debate

Trade and its role in promoting sustainable growth and jobs is one of the key topics in the upcoming European Parliament elections. Indeed, in light of recent challenges to the international rules-based trading system and the resurgence of protectionist views in Europe and around the globe, the EU will need to find convincing arguments and new approaches to preserve its ability to formulate and to push for an ambitious, forward-looking trade policy in the years ahead.

As shown during the public debates on TTIP and CETA, such an approach will also need to take into account both the creation of effective strategies and the often critical demands of civil society. In this respect, the European Parliament has played an increasingly important role by promoting openness with regard to the global trade model, while acting as a prominent forum for voicing citizens’ concerns.

The questions of how to deal with a potential resurgence of protectionism, how to maintain open global markets while considering the perspectives of current partners, and of how to use trade as a conditionality tool will continue to feature high on the agenda of the Parliament. As a result, several commentators have raised the question of the approach of the main political families and their “Spitzenkandidaten” regarding trade policy and what the next EU’s trade agenda should be.

This event will be held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants are free to use the information received but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the attendees may be revealed. For this reason, unless explicitly authorised by PubAffairs Bruxelles, the filming and/or the recording of the event by any means are strictly forbidden.

The event will commence with a welcome drink at 7.00pm, followed by a panel debate at 7.30pm. After the panel debate there will be an opportunity for questions and discussions.

We look forward to seeing you at 7.00pm on the 10th of April at The Office, rue d’Arlon, 80, Brussels.

All our debates are followed by a drink in a convivial atmosphere.

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