What could be the features of the Pan-European Personal Pensions initiative (PEPP)?

Speakers: Berger Nathalie, K. Becker Heinz, Delbecque Bernard, Prache Guillaume, Sandrell Sultana, Setbon Philippe
Moderator: Bollon Pierre

We are most pleased to invite you to participate in an evening of discussion about  the possible features of the Pan-European Personal Pensions initiative (PEPP) with our distinguished speakers:

  • Ms Nathalie Berger, Head of Unit, Insurance and Pension, European Commission, DG FISMA,
  • Mr Heinz K. Becker MEP (EPP/AU),
  • Mr Bernard Delbecque, Senior Director, Economics & Research, EFAMA,
  • Mr Guillaume Prache, Managing Director, Better Finance.

Ms Sultana Sandrell, Trade, Economic and Financial Affairs Unit, Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU and Mr Philippe Setbon, Member of the AFG Strategic Committee, will respectively hold an introductory speech.

The debate will be moderated by Mr Pierre Bollon, Chief Executive, AFG (French Asset Management Association).

This event will be held under the Chatham House Rule

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About the debate

The European Commission has recently announced that it will propose a legislative initiative to launch a framework for Pan-European Personal Pensions (PEPP) by the summer 2017, with the objective of enhancing the resources of future pensioners. European pension systems are indeed facing the dual challenge of remaining financially sustainable  while being able to provide Europeans with adequate resources when retiring. Along with occupational retirement schemes  such as  pension funds, PEPPs are be seen as a complement to state-run pension systems. The future PEPPs could also be a useful tool for the growing category of self-employed workers  who  cannot access an employee retirement scheme, and the increasing mobility of workers. Lastly they could  fit appropriately into the Capital Market Union project as they could provide long-term financing for the European economy.

But until now the path towards Pan-European Personal Pensions has been  obstructed by several barriers. How can this new proposal address these barriers? Can the PEPP be truly cross-border?

In addition, both experts and consumer associations have signalled that the slow take-up of personal pension products may be due to both a lack of consumers’ trust and the complex composition of personal pension products. How can the EU ensure the set-up of a simple and transparent PEPP and what should be the features of Pan-European Personal Pensions?


The event will commence with a welcome drink at 7h00 pm, followed by a panel debate at 7.30 pm.

After the panel debates there will be an opportunity for questions and discussions.

We look forward to seeing you at 7h00 pm on the 8th of March at Science14 Atrium, rue de la Science 14-B, Brussels.

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