AI Act voted in Strasbourg, military security issues omitted

On the latest episode of Euractiv’s Today in the EU, we’re looking into the AI Act vote in Strasbourg – and why the lack of reference to how AI will be used in the defence sector is causing some concern.

It’s plenary week in Strasbourg and MEPs are gathering to vote on the last files left for this mandate before EU citizens head to the polls in June. Still to be finalised is the Artificial Intelligence Act. Although the EU’s legislative text was adopted in mid-February, it still needs to be ratified by the Parliament. But is this truly the endgame, and what are the concerns expressed regarding the use of AI in military defence?

To dive into this topic, I’m joined by Elisa Gkritsi, Euractiv’s technology editor and Aurélie Pugnet, Euractiv’s Global Europe and Defence reporter.

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