Peace versus Justice: The coming European split over the war in Ukraine

New ECFR research captures European public opinion on Russia's war against Ukraine. It reveals that Europe's remarkable unity in the early days of the war is under threat from an emerging split – between those…
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes

Ukraine: war, refugees and an energy system under attack

How is Ukraine managing to keep electricity and heating supplies during the war? Government and industry chiefs address a World Economic Forum online event to explain the challenges and ask for help. As well as…
The World Economic Forum

The war that opened Europe’s borders

It’s hard to convey just how fast and how much Europe has changed, including at its borders. More than a million people fled from Ukraine to the EU in just over a week. But in…

MEPs demand Commission “act immediately” on Rule of Law – Cuffe

The European Parliament is calling on the European Commission to impose financial sanctions on countries like Poland and Hungary for flouting EU laws.

The Ukraine: An Interview with Richard Fontaine

In this episode, Garrison is joined by Richard Fontaine, CEO of the Center for a New American Security, to discuss a wide range of topics about the Ukraine Crisis.
The New Diplomatist

Fortress Europe: Who gets to come in?

The European Union is at loggerheads with Belarus over the arrival of thousands of migrants. It alleges that President Lukashenko has created a deliberate crisis by facilitating the migrants' travel into Belarus and onwards to…
The Real Story

Standoff at the Belarus border

People seeking to migrate through Belarus and Poland are stuck at the border, and neither country wants them. EU officials have called it “weaponization of migrants” by Belarus, but for the people at the border,…

Hungary’s would-be PM — Rule-of-law ripples — German coalition talks

We talk to Péter Márki-Zay, the man chosen by Hungarian opposition parties to take on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Also in this episode, we have an update on the EU's rule-of-law battle and get you…
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Sunday September 26: A Democratic showdown on Capitol Hill

Democrats are split as they head into a critical week on Capitol Hill: moderates and progressives can't agree on the scope or price tag of the reconciliation bill that addresses everything from climate change to…
Inside Politics

Poland to pay daily fines over judicial reforms; Russia discredits the EU in Mali

This week our podcast focuses on the European Commission’s decision to step up its legal feud with Warsaw by asking the top EU court to impose a daily financial penalty on Poland for its’ non-compliance…
Beyond the Byline

How digital labour platforms can provide decent jobs for young refugees

Digital labour platforms can transform how young refugees make a living. But the unequal spread of internet connectivity, inequalities in digital skills and the specific obstacles that many refugee population face daily make it difficult…
ILO: The Future of Work

Belarus: a test for Europe’s foreign policy?

"The forced landing of an internal EU flight is just the latest development in the President of Belarus’ efforts to cling to power. The recent forced landing of an internal EU flight to arrest opposition…
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