Special Event – Reform of the World Trade Organization: challenge or deadlock?

Jan 29th, 1919:00 Speakers: Brown Justin, Åsenius Maria, Lambert Stéphane, Luff David, Ratnam Jaya
Moderator : Kanter James

How can the EU protect citizens from food scandals?

Oct 16th, 1819:00 Speakers: Scannell Michael, Bode Thilo
Moderator : Sullivan Joanna

Online counterfeiting: How best to be effective countering it?

Oct 15th, 1819:00 Speakers: Zebrowska Natalia, Roche-Laguna Irene, Wright Charles, Peresson Sophie, Hinojosa Ana, Sarfati-Sobreira Delphine
Moderator : Crofts Lewis

What priorities for Animal Welfare in the EU and beyond?

Oct 9th, 1819:00 Speakers: Valletta Marco, Shephard Toni, Flack John, Metz Tilly, Ghislain Stephanie, Pietikäinen Sirpa, Boonen Maxime, Cupi Matteo
Moderator : McLeod Robert

Quels défis pour la politique commerciale de l’UE à court et long termes?

Sep 26th, 1819:00 Speakers: Roux François, Velasco-Martins Pedro, Maes Mathieu, Luff David, Lopez Stéphane
Moderator : Donceel Hermine

How can cybersecurity certification schemes enhance Europe’s security and competitiveness?

Sep 25th, 1819:00 Speakers: Gonzalez-Sancho Miguel, Bussière Sara, Delatre Jocelyn, Bouyon Sylvain
Moderator : Franklin Magnus

Special Event – Project UNIT-e presentation & the panel debate on the way forward for cleaner road transport

Jun 26th, 1814:30 Speakers: Plantet Gregory, Egenhofer Christian, France Van Der Valk Marie, Volkery Axel
Moderator : Belin Hughes

La gouvernance économique de la zone euro: quelles possibilités d’arriver à un consensus de long terme?

Jun 20th, 1819:00 Speakers: Giudice Gabriele, von Weizsäcker Jakob, Engel Frank, Claeys Gregory
Moderator : Gresillon Gabriel

Is a more integrated energy system the answer to the challenge of decarbonising Europe’s cities?

Jun 5th, 1819:00 Speakers: Strachinescu Andreea, Nowak Thomas, Wagner Ingo, Remmen Peter, Rosenqvist Fredrik
Moderator : Belin Hughes

What role for energy storage systems in the EU energy transition?

May 22nd, 1819:00 Speakers: Strachinescu Andreea, Granström Per-Olof, Clerens Patrick, Bart Jean-Baptiste
Moderator : Matheu Michel