Sustainable City solutions: a central pillar for the next phase of the EU energy transition?

Jun 20th, 1719:00 Speakers: Sofianopoulos Dimitrios, Nielsen Dorthe, Joyce Adrian, Marijewycz Marco
Moderator : Belin Hughes

Payments security: do the EBA RTS on strong customer authentication create an open and secure market for retail payments in Europe?

May 31st, 1719:00 Speakers: Kersemakers Silvia, Brien Pascale-Marie, Hönisch Matthias, Mohan-Satta Emma, König Pascal

Special Event – The ‘two-speed Europe’ project and the Brexit negotiations: a combined unity test?

May 31st, 1719:00 Speakers: Hubner Danuta Maria, Leinen Jo, Theurer Michael
Moderator : Bishop Graham

ETS and renewables: a win-win strategy?

Mar 21st, 1719:00 Speakers: Zapfel Peter, Kempener Ruud, Matheu Michel, Fraile Daniel, Le Strat Florent
Moderator : Belin Hughes

What could be the features of the Pan-European Personal Pensions initiative (PEPP)?

Mar 8th, 1719:00 Speakers: Berger Nathalie, K. Becker Heinz, Delbecque Bernard, Prache Guillaume, Sandrell Sultana, Setbon Philippe
Moderator : Bollon Pierre

Will the year 2017 be a defining moment for the EU?

Feb 28th, 1719:00 Speakers: Butikofer Reinhard, Swieboda Pawel, Freudenstein Roland
Moderator : Burns Chris

Sustainable mobility, energy and innovation: paths towards a low-emission transport system

Dec 7th, 1618:15 Speakers: von Peter Nikolaus, Morsi Helmut, Gagnol Patrick, Virkkunen Henna, Infante Valentina, Chandon Clément
Moderator : Belin Hughes

Digitising the European industry: Cybersecurity challenges

Oct 25th, 1619:00 Speakers: Chastanet Pierre, Dehm Robert, Rogard Pascal, de Wijs Bart, Suvorov Andrey
Moderator : Stromback Per

Which role for IPR and brand protection in promoting EU growth?

Oct 16th, 1619:30 Speakers: Gal Jean-Luc, De Salvo Gaetano, Skehan Paul, Snowdon Christopher
Moderator : Newman Matthew

Special Event – A lose-lose game? The ‘Brexit effect’ in the UK and the EU

Sep 28th, 1619:00 Speakers: Girling Julie, Engel Frank, Dance Seb
Moderator : Bishop Graham