Special Event – A lose-lose game? The ‘Brexit effect’ in the UK and the EU

Sep 28th, 1619:00 Speakers: Girling Julie, Engel Frank, Dance Seb
Moderator : Bishop Graham

La stratégie globale pour l’Europe: une approche fédéraliste?

Sep 27th, 1619:00 Speakers: Conte Alfredo, Pertusot Vivien, Frix Paul, Ciavarini Azzi Michele
Moderator : Frassoni Monica

What can TTIP deliver for the citizens of the EU?

Jun 14th, 1619:00 Speakers: Houben Hiddo, Hotchkiss Andrew, Altintzis Yorgos
Moderator : Carnell Poppy

Britain’s membership renegotiation: short-term impacts and long-term consequences for the UK and the EU

Apr 16th, 1619:00 Speakers: Kirkhope Timothy, Corbett Richard, Hubner Danuta Maria, Barnard Catherine
Moderator : Hewitt Gavin

Connectivity and digitalisation of motor vehicles: what is on the European horizon?

Feb 23rd, 1619:00 Speakers: Riemenschneider Rolf, Kisters Brigide, Moiseev Alexander, Sala Alessandro
Moderator : Robinson Frances

Special Event – How urgent it is for Europe to play an active role in the stability and prosperity of the Mediterranean region?

Jan 13th, 1618:00 Speakers: Ridolfi Roberto, Denis Bruno, Baba-Aissa Adel, de Fontaine Vive Philippe, Kitti Cleopatra, Saidi Nasser, Spyropoulos Nick
Moderator : Davis Jacki

Economic growth, legal liability and freedom of expression: which role for intermediaries in the Digital Single Market?

Nov 18th, 1519:00 Speakers: Roche-Laguna Irene, Kleinwege Helge, Reda Julia, Jeppesen Jens-Henrik
Moderator : Newman Matthew

Special Event – The future of the European Union: long-term objectives vs. short term challenges?

Nov 17th, 1519:00 Speakers: Hardeman Hilde, Engel Frank, Incerti Marco
Moderator : Paemen Hugo

La COP 21 et les habitudes de consommation alimentaire dans l’Union européenne

Nov 10th, 1519:00 Speakers: Nachtergaele Ann, de Schutter Olivier, Pargneaux Gilles
Moderator : Touchais Thierry

Can the EU win the global race in life science research and development?

Oct 20th, 1519:00 Speakers: Cupers Philippe, Meulien Pierre, Bekaert Sofie, Baetens Alain
Moderator : Newman Matthew