The scramble for a new EU leader

Chinese companies are resorting to chips repurposed from standard PC gaming products to develop artificial intelligence tools, and Charles Michel’s run for European parliament is causing a scramble to replace him. Plus, a new TV…
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The future of Europe

It's an important year for the European Union, which holds parliamentary elections in June. As geopolitical turbulence continues to test the strength of global alliances, will Europe pursue further integration or start to pull apart?…
The Rachman Review

What’s in store for Europe in 2024?

This isn’t just any new year — 2024 in the political calendar means mega elections in Europe, the U.S., the U.K. and beyond. Our EU Confidential crew predicts how these elections could impact pressing issues…
POLITICO's EU Confidential

Spain and Poland at the ballot box: what’s next for Europe?

Last week, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, leader of Spain’s People’s Party, lost his second bid at leading the country’s government. All eyes are now on Pedro Sánchez, acting prime minister and leader of the Spanish Socialist…
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Kate Raworth and Sam Fankhauser: Is green growth the future?

For the latest issue of Prospect, we asked Sam Fankhauser, professor of climate change economics at the University of Oxford, and Kate Raworth, author of ‘Doughnut Economics’, how to build an economy that supports rather than damages nature…
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The future of European politics

Mark Leonard welcomes the heads of ECFR’s national offices to discuss key players outside the traditional halls of European power, to discuss the upcoming EU Elections, power shifts in and outside of Europe, energy, and more.
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EU Scream: The man bringing Beyond Growth to Brussels

Philippe Lamberts is advancing one of the most progressive agendas ever to reach the upper echelons of the EU power structure. This month the co-head of the Greens at the European Parliament will convene a conference that…
EU Scream

Hungary’s strategy for connectivity

Mark Leonard joined by Balázs Orbán, political director of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, on more independent middle and regional powers
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The Élysée Treaty: 60 years on

A review of Franco-German relations on the anniversary of the Élysée treaty. It has been 60 years since the foundation of the Élysée Treaty, which was signed on the 22 January 1963. The treaty aimed…

The FT heads to Davos

Demand for ‘buy now, pay later’ deals has surged among all age groups in the UK, US regulators are cracking down on a type of investment vehicle used by private equity groups, and we’ll chat…
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Beyond the byline – From the war in Ukraine to Qatargate: How has 2022 shaped the EU?

Host Evi Kiorri wraps up 2022 with Alberto Alemanno, Professor of Law at HEC Paris, and Robert Madelin, Senior Strategist at FIPRA International.
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