The Élysée Treaty: 60 years on

A review of Franco-German relations on the anniversary of the Élysée treaty. It has been 60 years since the foundation of the Élysée Treaty, which was signed on the 22 January 1963. The treaty aimed…

The FT heads to Davos

Demand for ‘buy now, pay later’ deals has surged among all age groups in the UK, US regulators are cracking down on a type of investment vehicle used by private equity groups, and we’ll chat…
FT News Briefing

Beyond the byline – From the war in Ukraine to Qatargate: How has 2022 shaped the EU?

Host Evi Kiorri wraps up 2022 with Alberto Alemanno, Professor of Law at HEC Paris, and Robert Madelin, Senior Strategist at FIPRA International.
Beyond the Byline

Martin Wolf on the economy in 2023

FT’s chief economics commentator Martin Wolf sat down  to discuss some of 2022’s biggest stories — inflation, the war in Ukraine, climate change — and how they might impact events in the new year.
Financial TImes

Continental drift: Europe’s challenges

Europe’s challenges. Starting with crippling energy prices in the short term and American protectionism threatens a longer-term dent in the continent’s green industry ambitions.
The Economist

Brewing EU-US trade war — Ukraine FM Dmytro Kuleba — Future of Europe

Host Suzanne discusses the Inflation Reduction Act, Baltic and Nordic region foreign ministers' trip to Ukraine and the Commission's response to citizens' suggestions from the Future of Europe.
POLITICO's EU Confidential

ECB to raise interest rates for first time since 2011

US consumer prices are set to have registered another large monthly advance, the European Central Bank has paved the way for a series of rate rises, and China is offering coronavirus vaccine insurance in an…
FT News Briefing

Germany’s Zeitenwende: what does it mean for Europe?

German chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is facing criticism for not meeting the expectations he created with his Zeitenwende speech. But how fair is this criticism? Mark Leonard ponders this question and others with some of his…
Mark Leonard's World in 30 Minutes

EU meets in Versailles over Ukraine and Russian embassies ‘retaliate’ after EU sanctions

This week, our Beyond the Byline podcast focuses on the informal summit of EU leaders this Thursday in Versailles. What can we expect from the meeting, and what options are the EU considering for the…
Beyond the Byline

The stalled green transition

The US and UK banned Russian oil and gas imports on Tuesday to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine, the stalled green revolution, and Russians are fleeing the country.
FT News Briefing

Europe’s energy future beyond Russia

The war in Ukraine has cast a spotlight on Europe's energy dependency on Russia. Nearly half of Europe’s gas, along with petroleum and coal, come from the Russian Federation. But with no resolution to the…
The Real Story

War in Ukraine: China-Russia relations

"A special episode of the Sound of Economics Live on China-Russia relations in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While most of the world condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China abstained, but…
The Sound of Economics