How should the EU handle online platforms?

Oct 13th, 1519:00 Speakers: Rogard Pascal, Gren Jörgen, Weibel Fabienne, Sorvillo Pia
Moderator : Drozdiak Natalia

Do equality and inclusion promote growth? The case of diversity management in European business

Sep 29th, 1519:00 Speakers: Ritz Anu, Benifei Brando, Coune Cécile, Ryngbeck Annica
Moderator : Grant Ruth

The challenges of the eurozone governance after the Greek crisis

Sep 22nd, 1519:00 Speakers: Suardi Massimo, Flores Elena, Berès Pervenche, Ciavarini Azzi Michele
Moderator : Defraigne Pierre

Heating and cooling in the Energy Union project: the challenges ahead for implementing an efficiency-based energy approach

Jun 30th, 1519:00 Speakers: Pontoglio Serena, Schroeder-Selbach Uwe, Köpke Dina, Herkel Sebastian, Voigt Andrea
Moderator : Hall Siobhan

The Digital Single Market Strategy: intended and unintended consequences of the reform for sport content

May 12th, 1519:00 Speakers: Horvath Szabolcs, Dalton Daniel, McCharty Arlene
Moderator : Lichtenhein Mark

How to strike a balance between transparency and confidentiality in the conduct of clinical trials?

Apr 21st, 1519:00 Speakers: Heynisch Thomas, O’Regan Fergal, Powrie-Smith Andrew
Moderator : De Nys Katelijne

Food supply chain: which road towards fairness, integration and competition?

Feb 25th, 1519:00 Speakers: Buhr Carl-Christian, Groen Else, Gouveia Paulo
Moderator : Crofts Lewis

Energy security: the weak link of EU energy and climate policies?

Jan 20th, 1519:00 Speakers: Demur Gaspard, Saudargas Algiras, Jávor Benedek, de Mendoza Asensi Gonzalo
Moderator : Lynch Suzanne

Special Event – The issue of transparency within the EU institutions decision making-process: a revived tug-of-war or a new level-playing field?

Dec 9th, 1419:00 Speakers: Kroger Martin, Ohridski Martin, O’Sullivan Aidan, Corbett Richard
Moderator : Waterfield Bruno