Artificial intelligence act

The European Commission proposes to establish a technology-neutral definition of AI systems in EU law and to lay down a classification for AI systems with different requirements and obligations tailored on a 'risk-based approach'. Some…
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Technology: a product of unequal power?

"The effects of digital technology on work and wages. Is technology change neutral? This question is essential in the discussion under the scope of the future of work. In this episode, Bruegel’s own Giuseppe Porcaro…
The Sound of Economics

The media, disinformation and the DSA

The passage of an amendment to the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA) has stirred debate between the media sector and those working in anti-disinformation fields over just how much content moderation power online platforms should…
Digital Brief

The outstanding issues on the DMA

The IMCO vote on the Digital Markets Act has officially been delayed, as some significant difference remain between the main political groups. To better understand where things stand, I have interviewed MEP Evelyne Gebhardt, the…
Digital Brief

China’s digital policy and the impact on European businesses

China has been pushing an aggressive agenda on a number of digital issues. We discussed the Chinese strategy to regulate the tech sector, and its implication for European businesses, with Vera Demary, head of research…
Digital Brief

Climate change: Lessons from Denmark

In December 2020, the European Commission proposed the creation of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC), to facilitate trade, expand investment, develop compatible standards, boost innovation and strengthen the partners' technological and industrial leadership.…
EPRS policy podcasts

Right to repair: how sustainable are our electronic devices?

The green and digital transitions rank on top of the EU agenda, but as far as digital devices are concerned, they do not really go together. We take a closer look at right to repair,…
Digital Brief

Facebook and Google’s adtech practices are back on the regulatory agenda in Europe and Asia

Digital advertising is back on the agenda in Europe, with the announcement of a fresh EU antitrust probe targeting Google’s practice of hoovering up data to better target advertising. However, the new investigation will also…
MLex Market Insight

Antitrust Enforcement in Tech

In this first episode, we offer a bird’s-eye view of the antitrust enforcement landscape in the tech sector, both at the EU and the Member State level. We cover previously adopted decisions and judgments as…
Monopoly Attack

EU-US data transfer negotiations

What to expect from next week’s summit? International lawyer Rafi Azim-Khan walks us through the state of play for international data transfer and the key challenges ahead of the negotiations.
Digital Brief

Digital markets act

In December 2020, the European Commission published a proposal for a regulation on contestable and fair markets in the digital sector, otherwise referred to as the digital markets act (DMA). The proposed legislation lays down…
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The digital footprint

A story about the Jevons Paradox
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