Chips Act: supply chain monitoring versus value chain mapping

Julia Hess and Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Technology and Geopolitics experts at the German Think Tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, share their assessment of the Chips Act as it is proposed and explain what they would change, particularly in pillar…
The Tech Brief

National AI strategies

The Commission’s Joint Research Centre recently published a report with a comparative analysis of the national strategies on Artificial Intelligence across the EU. We discuss the topic with Raquel Jorge, one of the report’s authors, diving into…
The Tech Brief

Russian business hit by tech sanctions

Export controls placed on supply of chips and hardware over Moscow's invasion of Ukraine dent the prospects for Russia's economy, and the US will provide Kyiv with longer-range rocket systems.
FT News Briefing

GAFAM tax or fair contribution?

Commissioner Breton announced a new initiative to make online platforms contribute to the cost of digital infrastructure. We discuss the reasoning behind this proposal, possible precedents and main practical issues that it will need to…
The Tech Brief

Europe kickstarts an AI regulatory enforcement clash; and carmakers’ data-collection caution

The Artificial Intelligence Act is still on the EU’s legislative drawing board, but the debate over how the new law will be enforced has already begun. National data-protection authorities say they’re best placed to police…
MLex Market Insight

Right to repair

The European Commission has announced the establishment of a 'right to repair', with a view of saving costs for consumers and facilitating the development of a circular economy. The right to repair may refer to…
EPRS policy podcasts

The Vertical Block Exemption Regulation and Europe’s online markets

The VBER revision will have an important impact on online sales for the next 10 years. We discuss how the regulation will affect digital markets with Maike Jansen, public affairs advisor at Ecommerce Europe.
Digital Brief

Make AI boring again

"How can AI education improve workers' experience? AI is fundamentally changing the economy, it has the power to improve workers’ experience if AI uptake is done well, or it can create new inequalities depending on…
The Sound of Economics

France’s digital agenda

As Paris has taken over the rotating presidency of the EU Council, we discuss with our correspondent Mathieu Pollet how France is expected to shape the EU digital agenda in the coming months. And how…
Digital Brief

The European clash over regulating killer acquisitions; the White House takes on corruption

Killer acquisitions are back on the agenda — and it’s disrupting the European Union’s review of an acquisition by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Germany’s competition regulator has decided to do its own review…
MLex Market Insight

How the DMA & GDPR will work together

The access to data is increasingly recognized as an area of focus for competition policy in the digital space. As the DMA approached the finishing line, we were joined by Bojana Bellamy, President of the…
Digital Brief

Transatlantic Tech Talks: Digital technical standards

Transatlantic Tech Talks is a three part mini-series on the Undercurrents podcast feed, produced with the support of Microsoft, which explores the state of international cooperation on digital governance between the United States, the UK…
Chatham House