2023 crystal ball — Qatargate update — Slovenian PM Robert Golob

Host  Suzanne Lynch1 breaks down the EU's biggest challenges when it comes to climate, technology, energy & trade
POLITICO's EU Confidential

Qatar has got what it wanted from the World Cup: podcast

The Gulf state has taken more flak than it would have done had it not staged the soccer tournament, which ends on Sunday. Yet in this Viewsroom podcast, Breakingviews columnists discuss how Qatar’s largely successful…

Beyond the byline – From the war in Ukraine to Qatargate: How has 2022 shaped the EU?

Host Evi Kiorri wraps up 2022 with Alberto Alemanno, Professor of Law at HEC Paris, and Robert Madelin, Senior Strategist at FIPRA International.
Beyond the Byline

FT: New Briefing

EU member states have reached a deal on the world’s first major carbon border tax, New Delhi has stepped up spending on infrastructure in neighbouring countries, the world’s largest investment banks for the first time…
FT News Briefing

The Tech Brief – DMA: upcoming challenges and the switching question

As the European Commission laying the preparatory work to enforce the Digital Markets Act, Euractiv's Luca Bertuzzi  takes a look at the main challenges and potential pitfalls in the implementation process, paying particular attention to…

Martin Wolf on the economy in 2023

FT’s chief economics commentator Martin Wolf sat down  to discuss some of 2022’s biggest stories — inflation, the war in Ukraine, climate change — and how they might impact events in the new year.
Financial TImes

Continental drift: Europe’s challenges

Europe’s challenges. Starting with crippling energy prices in the short term and American protectionism threatens a longer-term dent in the continent’s green industry ambitions.
The Economist

Drum Tower: The red and the green

China’s energy security concerns are undermining its ambitious climate pledges. We try to understand the contradiction from the perspective of China’s leaders. And, in a country where activism can be dangerous, we find out how…
The Economist

The World Ahead 2023: Fuelling the future

How will the energy crisis, triggered by the war in Ukraine, unfold in 2023? Host Tom Standage discusses geopolitics, climate change, and economics with environment editor Catherine Brahic and global energy and climate innovation editor,…
The Economist

The big debate in climate tech. Plus Jancis Robinson

Big debate among scientists: should we focus on older technology, such as solar and wind, or the latest innovations like direct carbon capture and even nuclear fusion?
FT Weekend

Auditing algorithms

AI audits are a nascent field due to rapidly developing with the adoption of the EU’s AI Act. But what are the conditions for a robust auditing regime? And what are the risks of so-called…

Brewing EU-US trade war — Ukraine FM Dmytro Kuleba — Future of Europe

Host Suzanne discusses the Inflation Reduction Act, Baltic and Nordic region foreign ministers' trip to Ukraine and the Commission's response to citizens' suggestions from the Future of Europe.
POLITICO's EU Confidential