Money Talks: China reopens

Mick Bird, Soumaya Keynes and Alice Fulwood discuss what this means for the Chine economy - and the world
The Economist

Orban vetoes Ukraine aid after EU blocks Hungary’s fund

This week on the Beyond the Byline podcast, Evi Kiorri discusses Hungary’s veto on the EU’s financial aid to Ukraine. Relations between the EU and Hungary seem to be tenser than ever after the latter…

What are the prospects for the world economy in 2023?

What are the prospects for the world economy in 2023? The Economist’s economics editor, Henrey Curr, and deputy business affairs editor, Rachana Shanbhogue, explain the dilemma facing central bankers around the world.
The Economist

Can China escape zero-covid?

The Economist’s Beijing bureau chief, David Rennie, and senior China correspondent, Alice Su, talk to Ben Cowling, epidemiologist at Hong Kong University, about the lessons from the omicron wave there.
The Economist

The French connection: Macron’s state visit to America

The French connection: Macron’s state visit to America, behind the pageantry Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron will have much to chew over.
The Economist

Martin Wolf: The geopolitical threat to globalisation

Mark Filippino discusses the state of deglobalisation and how geopolitics is contributing to this process with chief economics commentator, Martin Wolf.
FT News Briefing

Energy crises speed up the green transition: podcast

In 2022, war and power shortages have led to more fossil fuel use. But they also act as a catalyst for the rollout of renewable energy. In this edition of The Exchange podcast, ex-Snam boss…
The Exchange

COP28 may make up for COP27’s shortcomings

The global climate meeting has mostly failed to lure the same corporate big hitters as Glasgow did last year. In this Viewsroom podcast, Breakingviews columnists discuss how even if the gathering in Egypt’s Sharm El-Sheikh…

What the US mid-term elections mean for Europe’s digital agenda

Last week, the United States was called to the ballots for its mid-term elections, resulting in a more divided Congress. Euractiv discusses what this all means for Europe’s digital policy, public subsidies and the next…

Breaking Down the U.S. Midterm Elections: What’s Next for Policy, Markets and Economic Growth

As the voting continues from the U.S. midterm elections, the results so far indicate a status quo in country’s political divisions. But what does a divided Congress mean for policy, markets and economic growth? In…
Goldman Sachs

COP27: Time to implement, time to pay for climate change

This week on the Beyond the Byline podcast, we are discussing the COP27 summit, which brings together world leaders to discuss climate change. In particular, together with MEP Pieter Liese (EPP) and Hanne Knaepen (head…

“We will overshoot 1.5 degrees of warming. That target is now dead”—a call for COP27 realism

As the UN’s annual climate jamboree begins, our correspondent calls for a strong dose of realism: limiting warming to 1.5C is just no longer feasible. On average the rule of law is losing ground globally,…
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