The Élysée Treaty: 60 years on

A review of Franco-German relations on the anniversary of the Élysée treaty. It has been 60 years since the foundation of the Élysée Treaty, which was signed on the 22 January 1963. The treaty aimed…

Sweden’s NATO bid: Is Erdogan blocking it to win the elections?

This week on the Beyond the Byline podcast Alexandra Brzozowski and Evi Kiorri are discussing the tension between Turkey and Sweden, specifically how Turkey is blocking Sweden’s accession to NATO. We’re also looking at the reasons behind…

Money Talks: How globalisation gave way

America has changed the way it views the rest of the world. Rather than pushing for a more globalised economy with fewer trade barriers, the US is now seeking a more protected system of international…
The Economist

#Davos2023: We need to talk about #Davos.

What actually happened at Davos and what do the people left of the invite list need to know?
Al Jazeera

Croatia’s accession into the euro area

What are the implications of Croatia joining the euro area? For the first time in over ten years, the euro area has a new member. Croatia is the latest country to join the monetary union,…
The Sound of Economics

Beijing’s new tech control strategy

Goldman Sachs’ profits plunged by two-thirds last quarter while Morgan Stanley reported a 40 per cent year-on-year drop in net income, and companies are facing a record number of shareholder proposals about abortion policies. Plus,…
FT News Briefing

The FT heads to Davos

Demand for ‘buy now, pay later’ deals has surged among all age groups in the UK, US regulators are cracking down on a type of investment vehicle used by private equity groups, and we’ll chat…
FT News Briefing

Money Talks: The new power in the North Sea

For decades the North Sea's gales have created challenges for those extracting #Oil and #Gas, but the region's poor weather is also key to its future: Offshore wind.
The Economist

Checks and Balance: Electric dreams

John Prideaux, Charlotte Howard and Jon Fasman take a road trip across the Midwest to look at whether #America's industrial and environmental goals are compatible and what EVs tell us about the future of American…
Agrifood Brief

Agrifood Podcast: 2023 foretaste, struggling restaurants & end of livestock

This week, EURACTIV’s agrifood team brings you a sneak peek of what 2023 has in store when it comes to the EU agri-food agenda. In our weekly focuses, EURACTIV France’s reporter Hugo Struna spoke to…

Open RAN: European and American views

Fundamental differences between the EU and the US remain on Open RAN. We pick up this debate, in particular looking at the security aspect, with John Baker, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Mavenir,…

Toyota’s EV struggle

Mark Filippino discusses Twitter, Toyota and Shell's new CEO.
FT News Briefing