Biden courts India at G20

India hosts the G20 summit this weekend, Germany is pushing the European Commission to postpone tariffs on electric vehicle sales between the UK and the EU, Apple shares are taking a beating, and Huawei has…
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The case for a soft landing

Bringing down inflation can cause massive recessions. But three indicators suggest that this time it might be coming down without there being a crash. Today on the show, we look at how the latest CPI,…

The economic impact of extreme heat

The Bank of Japan announced that it’s going to allow bonds to rise more freely, and China’s politburo has signalled several target measures meant to boost the country’s economy. Plus, the FT’s Attracta Mooney explains…
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Big week for central banks

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Macquarie’s grip on global infrastructure

About 30 years ago, an Australian investment company called Macquarie figured out how to turn public utilities into lucrative assets. This strategy helped catapult the company into the biggest infrastructure investor in the world. Now,…
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Wagner’s 24-hour coup

Wagner troops withdrew from Russia late Saturday night after an abandoned coup attempt on Moscow, Greek prime minister Kyriako Mitsotakis won re-election in a blowout, and foreign investors viewed Turkey’s first interest rate rise in…
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Martin Wolf on saving democratic capitalism: resisting autocracy

In this third episode of Martin Wolf’s series, the renowned FT columnist and economist speaks to the journalist and historian Anne Applebaum, who has written extensively about the history of communism and the development of…
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#Tech – The #quantum revolution : First port of call

An FT News Briefing on early adopters of #QuantumTechnology and first applications in process optimisation
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Bill Gates on Ukraine’s ‘shock to the system’

The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist talks to Gideon about his efforts to keep global development goals alive amid rising geopolitical tensions. They discuss shrinking aid budgets, climate, technology, China-US tensions and whether Gates remains an…
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The future of the World Bank

FT’s Aime Williams tells us what the World Bank might look like under the leadership of Ajay Banga.
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The economics of Russia’s war in Ukraine

Investors are betting the European Central Bank will raise interest rates to all-time highs, and the FT’s Ben Hall explains the impact of the war in Ukraine on the country’s economy.
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FT News briefing: Russia’s ‘second front’

Consumer confidence in the Eurozone is up, Moscow is buying influence in Africa on the cheap, and the FT’s Henry Foy explains how the war in Ukraine shattered illusions and shifted EU foreign policy.
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