Special Event – The ‘two-speed Europe’ project and the Brexit negotiations: a combined unity test?

May 31st, 1719:00 Speakers: Hubner Danuta Maria, Leinen Jo, Theurer Michael
Moderator : Bishop Graham

Special Event – A lose-lose game? The ‘Brexit effect’ in the UK and the EU

Sep 28th, 1619:00 Speakers: Girling Julie, Engel Frank, Dance Seb
Moderator : Bishop Graham

Special Event – How urgent it is for Europe to play an active role in the stability and prosperity of the Mediterranean region?

Jan 13th, 1618:00 Speakers: Ridolfi Roberto, Denis Bruno, Baba-Aissa Adel, de Fontaine Vive Philippe, Kitti Cleopatra, Saidi Nasser, Spyropoulos Nick
Moderator : Davis Jacki

Special Event – The future of the European Union: long-term objectives vs. short term challenges?

Nov 17th, 1519:00 Speakers: Hardeman Hilde, Engel Frank, Incerti Marco
Moderator : Paemen Hugo

Special Event – The issue of transparency within the EU institutions decision making-process: a revived tug-of-war or a new level-playing field?

Dec 9th, 1419:00 Speakers: Kroger Martin, Ohridski Martin, O’Sullivan Aidan, Corbett Richard
Moderator : Waterfield Bruno

Special Event – The new European Commission: a renewed setting for a fresh start?

Nov 18th, 1419:00 Speakers: Telička Pavel, Lauristin Marju, Rosati Dariusz
Moderator : Cendrowicz Leo

Special Event – EU policy after the elections: what is next?

Jun 17th, 1419:00 Speakers: Harms Rebecca, Swoboda Hannes, Freudenstein Roland
Moderator : Steinhauser Gabriele