Adar Poonawalla: How to vaccinate the world

Stephen Sackur speaks to Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the biggest vaccine producer in the world, Serum Institute of India. He went all-in on a production deal with Astrazeneca, and for many of us, the…

A year of pandemic and inequality

A year ago this week, the coronavirus outbreak was officially declared a pandemic. Now, Pfizer, a leading vaccine manufacturer, is being accused of bullying governments with negotiation tactics so harsh that deals have been delayed…

How the pandemic polarised us

We explore political polarisation in the UK, EU, US and on social media in light of COVID-19, and how democracy can be built back.
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From support to recovery: national fiscal policy in the wake of COVID-19

The EU has set ambitious goals for economic recovery: how these recovery funds are spent by member states will be critical to its success. A look into the European framework and the case of Italy.…
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Where did the vaccine strategy go wrong?

“We have to open our mind, we have to look internationally. Because if we don’t, COVID-19 is going to stay with us.” One year since the pandemic began, widespread vaccination has finally started. It would…
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