The stalled green transition

The US and UK banned Russian oil and gas imports on Tuesday to punish Moscow for invading Ukraine, the stalled green revolution, and Russians are fleeing the country.
FT News Briefing

The rising cost of Putin’s war

Tommy and Ben talk about Biden’s decision to ban Russian oil and gas imports, Congress’s proposed $12 billion package for Ukraine, the latest military movements, diplomatic efforts to end the war and Russia’s detention of…
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What does banning Russian oil mean for the world?

US President Joe Biden has imposed a ban on Russian oil and gas. And the UK announced it will phase out imports of Russian oil by the end of the year. What are the consequences…

The war that opened Europe’s borders

It’s hard to convey just how fast and how much Europe has changed, including at its borders. More than a million people fled from Ukraine to the EU in just over a week. But in…

Revision of EU ETS as regards aviation: ‘Fit for 55’ package

As part of the 'Fit for 55' package, the Commission is proposing a revision to the EU's emissions trading system (ETS) as regards carbon dioxide emissions from aviation. The proposal seeks to ensure that the…
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Europe’s energy future beyond Russia

The war in Ukraine has cast a spotlight on Europe's energy dependency on Russia. Nearly half of Europe’s gas, along with petroleum and coal, come from the Russian Federation. But with no resolution to the…
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Climate of fear: the IPCC’s new report

A new report shows that climate change is already causing widespread, tangible damage, and argues that adaptation is now as important as mitigation
The Economist

Can sanctions stop Putin’s war?

The United States, the European Union, and a host of other countries (even Switzerland!) are hoping to stop Putin’s war on Ukraine by placing Russia under the most extreme sanctions package ever enacted on a…
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War in Ukraine sparks Germany’s defence policy transformation

How is Ukraine managing to keep electricity and heating supplies during the war? Government and industry chiefs address a World Economic Forum online event to explain the challenges and ask for help. As well as…
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War in Ukraine: China-Russia relations

"A special episode of the Sound of Economics Live on China-Russia relations in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While most of the world condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China abstained, but…
The Sound of Economics

Europe’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Matthias Matthijs

Matthias Matthijs, senior fellow for Europe at CFR and associate professor of international political economy at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, sits down with James M. Lindsay to discuss how European capitals…
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War in Ukraine: Macroeconomic implications for the EU

"A special episode of the Sound of Economics Live where we analyse the macroeconomic implications of the war in Ukraine. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the EU adopted a number of sanctions in an attempt…
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